LLMs are helping developers to write video games.

GPT Engineer is designed to be easily adaptable and extendable, allowing developers to customize and fine-tune the generated code to match their desired outcomes. The application provides flexibility in shaping the code to align with individual preferences and coding styles, empowering developers to shape the game according to their vision.


core functionality of GPT Engineer is based on the ability to generate an entire codebase from a given prompt.

Developers can input high-level instructions or descriptions, and the application will autonomously create the underlying code structure required to bring the game to life. This approach simplifies the initial development process and reduces the time and effort traditionally required to start a project from scratch.

GPT Engineer follows a project philosophy that emphasizes simplicity and value creation. The application aims to deliver immediate value to developers by providing a user-friendly interface and efficient code generation capabilities. Developers can quickly generate a codebase that forms the foundation of their game, enabling them to focus on more creative aspects rather than getting lost in the technical details.

In recent years, the field of artificial intelligence has witnessed remarkable advancements, leading to innovative solutions in various industries. One such domain that has experienced a significant transformation is video game development. With the emergence of Language Model-based Learning (LLM) technologies, developers now have access to powerful tools like GPT Engineer. This groundbreaking application enables the automatic generation of video games from simple text prompts, revolutionizing the way developers create gaming experiences.

GPT Engineer strives to enhance the user experience by supporting high-level prompting and facilitating seamless interactions between developers and the AI. The application allows developers to provide feedback to the AI during the code generation process, ensuring that the AI learns from previous iterations and adapts to the developer's coding preferences over time. This iterative feedback loop creates a collaborative environment where developers and AI work together to refine the generated code.

To ensure stability and continuity, GPT Engineer stores all computations in a resumable format, persisting them to the filesystem. This feature enables developers to pause and resume the code generation process at any point without losing progress. By persisting the computation state, developers can work on multiple projects simultaneously or revisit previous projects with ease.


pip install gpt-engineer
git clone [email protected]:AntonOsika/gpt-engineer.git

cd gpt-engineer

pip install -e .

02. Usage

export OPENAI_API_KEY=[your api key]

cp -r projects/example/ projects/my-new-project
gpt-engineer projects/my-new-project

Upon completion, check the generated files located in the projects/my-new-project/workspace directory. These files contain the codebase and assets necessary for your video game project.

Advanced Features:

GPT Engineer offers additional features to enhance the AI agent's identity and communication with developers:

  • Customize the AI agent's identity by editing the files in the identity folder.
  • Evolve the main_prompt to enable the AI agent to remember key aspects between projects, allowing for consistent learning and adaptation.
  • The logs folder stores the communication history between the AI and each step defined in steps.py. Developers can rerun specific steps using the scripts/rerun_edited_message_logs.py script, facilitating further improvements and code refinement.


GPT Engineer represents a significant leap forward in the realm of video game development by leveraging LLM technology to automate the code generation process. Its adaptability, learning capabilities, and user-centric design empower developers to create immersive gaming experiences with ease. By providing a collaborative environment between developers and AI, GPT Engineer streamlines the development workflow and frees up valuable time for creativity and innovation. Embrace the power of LLMs and embark on a new era of video game creation with GPT Engineer

Code Games with GPTEngineer
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