Mixture of Agents MoA

The CLI will prompt you to input instructions interactively:

  1. Start by entering your instruction at the ">>>" prompt.
  2. The system will process your input using the predefined reference models.
  3. It will generate a response based on the aggregated outputs from these models.
  4. You can continue the conversation by inputting more instructions, with the system maintaining the context of the multi-turn interaction.


You can configure the demo by specifying the following parameters:

  • --aggregator: The primary model used for final response generation.
  • --reference_models: List of models used as references.
  • --temperature: Controls the randomness of the response generation.
  • --max_tokens: Maximum number of tokens in the response.
  • --rounds: Number of rounds to process the input for refinement. (num rounds == num of MoA layers - 1)
  • --num_proc: Number of processes to run in parallel for faster execution.
  • --multi_turn: Boolean to toggle multi-turn interaction capability.

FLASK offers fine-grained evaluation of models across multiple dimensions. Our MoA method significantly outperforms the original Qwen1.5-110B-Chat on harmlessness, robustness, correctness, efficiency, factuality, commonsense, insightfulness, completeness. Additionally, MoA also outperforms GPT-4 Omni in terms of correctness, factuality, insightfulness, completeness, and metacognition.

Please feel free to contact us if you have difficulties in reproducing the results.


Different open source model ?

You can run and configure MoA with GROQ. You can use the 4 available open source models as : llama3-70b , llama3-8b, gemma-7b-it, mixtral-8x7b .

Mixture of Agents (MoA) is a novel approach that leverages the collective strengths of multiple LLMs to enhance performance, achieving state-of-the-art results. By employing a layered architecture where each layer comprises several LLM agents, MoA significantly outperforms GPT-4 Omni’s 57.5% on AlpacaEval 2.0 with a score of 65.1%, using only open-source models!

Subscribe to groq.com and get the api_key . Clone the repo and cd into it. Here you need to make some changes to files bot.py and utils.py .

Replace all existing models , with the groq models to look like this :

Screenshot from 2024-07-02 21-40-18

Change the temperature value if needed, default is 0.7

Change the max_tokens value to 2048

On the line 81 you need to make also some changes, replace the model name with the model name from groq, we use llama3-70b for this example.

Screenshot from 2024-07-02 21-42-14

On line 113 you need to proceed and make the same changes , overwrite the existing model with the model from groq.

Screenshot from 2024-07-02 21-43-44

save the bot.py file and open the utils.py .

on the line 31 replace the endpoint value to look like this :

endpoint = "https://api.groq.com/openai/v1/chat/completions"

on line 47 replace the API Key provider to GROQ

"Authorization": f"Bearer {os.environ.get('GROQ_API_KEY')}",

on line 86 replace the endpoint to :

endpoint = "https://api.groq.com/openai/v1"

on the line 90 replace the endpoint to :

endpoint = "https://api.groq.com/openai/v1/chat/completions"

- Create a new .env file inside of working directory

- add to .env file :

GROQ_API_KEY = " your api key here"


save the .env file

# you need to install the dotenv library with following command :

pip install python-dotenv

load the env file inside of utils.py script :

from dotenv import load_dotenv

save the the utils.py file


02. Usage

MoA - Mixture of Agent
  • Category : LLM
  • Time Read:10 Min
  • Source: GitHub
  • Author: Partener Link
  • Date: July 2, 2024, 6:57 p.m.
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