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A Comprehensive Guide to run Open Source LLMs on Mobile Phone Devices

Before diving in, let's explore the tools needed to seamlessly integrate LLMs into the Android environment. Termux, a powerful terminal emulator app, acts as your gateway to running Linux distributions on your Android device. This opens the door to executing complex tasks, including running LLMs.


Termux alongside F-Droid, an alternative app store for open-source apps, and Proot-Distro, a tool for running Linux distributions within Android, you can establish a robust framework for running LLMs.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Running Open Source LLMs on Android Devices

  1. Installation of Prerequisite Tools:
  • F-Droid: Download and install F-Droid from its official website (
  • Termux: Search for "Termux" on the Play Store or F-Droid to install it.
  • Proot-Distro: Use the following command within Termux to install Proot-Distro:


pkg install proot-distro

Updating and Upgrading Packages:

For optimal performance, ensure all packages are up-to-date. Within Termux, run the following commands:

pkg update

pkg upgrade

Installing Ollama:

Ollama is a crucial component for running LLMs. Install it using this command:

curl -fsSL | sh

Selecting and Running LLM Models:

Choose an LLM model like Gemma 2B or phi3. Use Ollama commands to run the chosen model within Termux. Refer to Ollama's documentation for specific instructions.

The world of technology is constantly evolving, and the ability to harness the power of Large Language Models (LLMs) is now a key driver of innovation. As the demand for efficient and accessible AI solutions grows, running LLMs on Android devices becomes an exciting prospect for developers and enthusiasts alike. This comprehensive guide delves into the world of running LLMs on Android, providing a detailed roadmap to unlock the full potential of these advanced models on your mobile device.

  • ollama
  • python3
  • PHI3 or Gemma or another large language model in gguf format
  • proot-distro


  • proot-distro
  • python
  • ollama
  • large language model in gguf format
  • 6 GB RAM / HeXA / OCTA Core Processor or better.

02. Usage

  • proot-distro list
  • proot-distro install ubuntu
  • proot-distro login ubuntu
  • curl -fsSL | sh
  • ollama serve
  • ollama run phi3

Testing and Interacting with LLMs:

Interact with the LLM directly from the terminal to test its functionality. Explore its capabilities and discover its potential applications on your Android device.

Conclusion: Empowering Innovation with LLMs on Android

The ability to run LLMs on Android opens a new frontier for developers, researchers, and enthusiasts seeking to leverage advanced language models in a mobile environment. By following this comprehensive guide, you can navigate the setup process and unlock the potential of LLMs on your Android device. Embrace the future of AI and explore groundbreaking advancements in natural language processing on your mobile device today!

Unleashing the Power of Large Language Models on Android
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