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App Development

Small Restaurant Web Application

The Restaurant Management Web Application is a comprehensive platform designed to streamline and enhance the operations of a small business restaurant. Developed using Python Django and Wagtail for the backend, and leveraging HTML, CSS (Bootstrap), and JavaScript for the frontend, this application provides a user-friendly interface for managing various aspects of the restaurant's day-to-day activities.

Key Features:

  1. Menu Management:
    • The application allows easy creation, editing, and updating of the restaurant's menu items.
    • It provides a user-friendly interface for categorizing items, setting prices, and managing availability.
  1. Online Ordering:
    • Customers can place orders online through a seamless and intuitive interface.
    • Integration of secure payment gateways ensures smooth and safe transactions.
  1. Table Reservation System:
    • A reservation system enables customers to book tables in advance.
    • Staff can efficiently manage reservations, allocate tables, and handle seating arrangements.
  1. Inventory Management:
    • The application includes tools for tracking inventory levels of ingredients and supplies.
    • Automatic alerts and notifications can be set up for low stock items.
  1. Staff Management:
    • Admins can manage staff schedules, assign roles, and track attendance.
    • Staff members have individual accounts to access necessary information and updates.
  1. Reporting and Analytics:
    • Comprehensive reports provide insights into sales, popular menu items, and inventory status.
    • Analytics tools assist in making informed business decisions and identifying trends.
  1. Customizable Website Content:
    • Wagtail CMS integration allows easy content management for the restaurant's website.
    • Owners can update information, add promotions, and showcase special events.

Technology Stack:

  • Backend: Python Django and Wagtail CMS
  • Frontend: HTML, CSS (Bootstrap), JavaScript
  • Database: SQL-based database (e.g., SQLite, PostgreSQL)
  • Payment Gateway Integration: Secure payment gateways (e.g., Stripe, PayPal)
  • Deployment: Cloud hosting services (e.g., AWS, Heroku)

Future Enhancements:

  • Integration of loyalty programs for frequent customers.
  • Mobile app development for enhanced accessibility.
  • Implementing AI-based systems for predictive ordering or customer preferences.


The Restaurant Management Web Application developed with Python Django and Wagtail CMS provides an all-in-one solution for efficient restaurant operations. Its user-friendly interface, coupled with robust backend functionalities, empowers the restaurant to streamline processes, enhance customer experience, and make data-driven decisions for business growth

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